sobota, 05. december 2015

3 exciting months / tres meses excitante

It's officialy 3 months or 92 days since I arrived in Spain! I can't believe how fast the time goes - in less than 7 months I will be back in my country, back to the normal life.

It's crazy to imagine that soon I will no longer be that exchange student with a funny accent, always making mistakes that make sentences sound inappropriate and girl from 'north', 'Slovakia' or just 'from far away' who is always stuck in awkward situations, because most of the time doesn't have idea what's going on. So, for now I'm just trying to make the best of the time that I'm here and enjoy every moment, even though sometimes it's really hard. 
I joined the gym in the town to fill my free time and to get more busy. I've been going there for a while now, but in the past two weeks I've been going with one friend, which makes it even more fun. Together we also joined zumba, so my free time actually became productive. I also decided to change the class and go to a year higher, so I will be with the people of my age, but since the school system sucks they still haven't decided if I can change it or not.
AFS activities keep my life busy as well. Last weekend we had an excursion  with bikes by the sea in Barcelona and next week we're having 'merienda intercultural' when everybody has to bring food typical for their country. I'm also going on some trips with AFS, including visit of Sagrada Familia and trips to Madrid and Andalusia.  

The progress in understanding the two languages I'm learning this year is huge since I got here without knowing them at all (well, I knew some spanish from telenovelas). Now that I'm capable of having conversations in castellano it made my life here much more easier, because not a lot of people talk english here. And what concerns catala, I'm finally able to understand it more or less, yay! (I don't know how to talk though)

However, this first three months were full of ups and downs, but right now I'm  having the best time so far, because I got to know more people and I'm finally capable of having a decent conversation in spanish. I got closer and more comfortable with my family as well, so I can already see that goodbye will be very difficult for me.

You can check photos I took here

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