sobota, 07. november 2015


It has been more than two months since I left home in Slovenia and started a new life here in Spain. In these 64 days I had a lot of ups and downs. Beside meeting new people, going to new places and adapting to new habits, I also had some bad days, when I really missed my friends  and questioned my decision. Despite all this, I still don't regret my decision of starting this amazing experience and I believe it will only get better.
There are a lot of differences between our cultures. One of the biggest I noticed is in the school system. They start secondary school at age of twelve. It consists 4 years of ESO and after that optional 2 years of batchillerato starting at age of sixteen. Their school hour lasts exactly one hour and not 45 minutes like in my country. There aren't 5 minutes breaks between every class, but only two breaks during the whole day (from 8.00 to 14.30). First lasts 20 minutes and the other one 10 minutes. Even though I had a lot of difficulties with understanding the system at the begining, I'm getting used to it now. However I still can't get used to the relationship between the students and the teachers. I bet teachers in Slovenia wouldn't last even one week with students here.
Since bachillerato is optional and my classmates (which are a year younger than me) study a lot, I have a lot of time in the afternoon not really knowing what to do. Normally I read books, study Spanish or Catalan, watch series, spend time with family or go to the gym. During my time here I also visited Barcelona and festival La Mercè, Port Aventura, Tarragona, Gaudi's museum in Reus, Girona,... So far I loved all the places I've been to and I can't wait to discover more magnificent places.