torek, 25. avgust 2015

10 days to go

Only 6 days of summer holidays are left over and only 10 days till I leave for Spain. I had a lot of doubts at first, but now I'm almost 100% sure I will have the best year ever. Sure, there are things I will miss, like my family and friends, who I can't even imagine living without, but I believe this year living abroad will definetely be worth it.

Few weeks ago I got an amazing family in a small town called Sant Esteve in Barcelona. I have two younger brothers Abel and Pau, and parents Isidre and Mila, who are enthusiastic about sports and nature. They are all very open-minded and friendly people, who I just can't wait to meet. 

In addition to everyhing, the exchange also provides you learning a new language. Even if I was scared at first, because I only know few words in spanish (una cerveza por favor), I am now happy that I have a chance, not only to learn one language, but also catalan besides spanish. I believe I will return home with a lot of new knowledge, experiences and opportunities for even better future.